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Breaking News – Fat Sam’s & Dandy Dan’s Shoot Out at the Grand Slam Speakeasy.

Bugsy Malone comes to the rescue and leads Fat Sam’s gang to supremacy in 1920s downtown New York!

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All-Ireland Swimming Championships Sunday 12th February..

Castle Park had 12 swimmers who qualified for the All-Ireland Swimming Championships on Sunday 12th February.

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2017 RDS Primary Science Fair – The Hot Topic of Insulation – Can We Demonstrate Where the Heat Goes?.

Aaron tells us – “my favourite part was when we began building the houses (even though it didn’t really work well!) and testing the heat of the houses when they were finished, measuring it with thermal imaging and digital thermometers.”

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Maths Week 2016 – enjoying a STEM day.

To mark this year’s Maths Week, the children enjoyed a day that focused on the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

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