English and Drama

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As a core subject English literacy is a broad and varied subject that permeates all areas of the curriculum. Reading is developed from the age of 3 when the phonetic alphabet is introduced and when appropriate children then move onto the Castle Park Reading Scheme with individual support on a daily basis until they become independent readers. Under the guidance of the School Librarian, children select books from a broad range of fiction in our extensive school library, the Parker Library.
To develop written skills pupils study a range of fictional books in a whole class setting and also produce their own non-fiction, poetry, creative and narrative writing. While handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught separately they are also integrated into all subjects so that good literacy is seen as important in all subjects.

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Drama including plays, musicals, performances at Assembly and the use of role play in class (especially for languages – Irish, French & Spanish) all feature strongly in life at Castle Park. Every pupil in Forms I to IV performs on stage for parents, family and friends in a short class play during Spring Term. Pupils in Forms V & VI are cast in a major musical production each year, in the recent past Aladdin, Annie, Bugsy, Honk! Jr, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Olivia and The Pinafore Pirates have all been staged.