1904 – 1920

Black and white photo in front of school

“…..The School opened in September, 1904, with twenty boys. How those first parents were persuaded into sending their sons to be experimented on – in an entirely new school by an unknown Englishman – remains still a mystery. They not only entered their boys, but they backed up the School in every way they could. I can never be sufficiently grateful to those parents in the early days for the start they gave to the School.”
W P Toone recalling the early days of Castle Park in the first Annual Report of the Castle Park Old Boys’ Society in 1925.

“It was a very long way back to 1906, but I can still remember my first day at CP, and my vast and inconsolable regret at finding myself there, I can also remember my last term and my regret, very deep though inarticulate, when in July 1911, I fully realised I was leaving. How very clear the memory of the five years in between are still. Faces have gone a bit dim, but personaliaties and events stand out. Miss Webster, Mr Preistley, Mr Matthews and Mr Williams; for some strange reasons I see him best with a flaying cricket bat or as a dangerously fast bowler. There was my garden that had a plum tree, and the lovely sunny days when Mrs Toone pottered so patiently among us giving advice, which I’m sure we didn’t follow. Canon Toone’s visits and his holiday, and always CP Day to look forward to with an anticipatory thrill that the day itself never disappointed; the dancing classes and Miss Harte’s piano lessons; playing the organ for prayers and your reading to us afterwards in the evenings. Many of us will admit that WPT had a genius for schoolmastering, and in the early years of the century was many years ahead of his time in creating an almost ideal environment for small boys.”

T MacGregor – an extract from his reminiscences of CP printed in the 1944 Report of the Castle Park Old Boys’ Society