B and w photo of cricket team
“In my day, C P was noted for discipline….. Most Fridays we were subjected to a pep talk by W P T which, speaking for myself, put the fear of God into me. Punishments were fairly frequent, though I did not suffer much in that way myself.

I remember when Sinn Fein were active, they stole the dummy rifles and air rifles from the shooting range and carved skull and crossbones on the trees in the wood below the playground. They later fought a battle of some kind with the Irish Army through the grounds, and we put up mattresses to prevent injury from flying glass from the windows in case a stray bullet hit them. I was extremely frightened. Before that, I think it was, we listened to the bombardment of the Four Courts, and compared the number of shell bursts we had counted during class.

J L Yeldham recalling turbulent times at Castle Park during the 1920s.