B and W photo of hall
“In spite of “war and rumours of war” we carried through all of our summer term programme and the routine of the boys was not disturbed in any way. An air-raid siren was erected in the Tower and we have had constant practice at assembling our shelter room in the basement under various conditions. A house has been booked in the country should evacuation become necessary, but we are confidently hoping that we shall not have to move.”

And later that year …..

“The School, since the outbreak of war, has had difficulty in coping with an influx of boys. The number soared up to 68 and 69 … but there it had to stop.” W P T 1940

“One of the fields has been given over to grow veg, while the house-gardens are filled with lettuces and other things that will help the war effort. The boys dig potatoes and pick veg.” W P T 1941

1940 also saw the construction of the cricket pavilion by Mr Edwardes and the boys.