Watercolour of School
In 1953, in time to mark the Golden Jubilee of the School, it was suggested that a definite crest should be instituted (up until this point Castle Park was symbolised by a large “C” enclosing a smaller “P”.

“It was difficult to think of a suitable design but after much thought and consultations with old boys, one was evolved. The shield is quartered portraying the family crests of WPT and DSP, together with a symbolic picture of the Castle and an open book to display learning. It is carried out in the School Colours while underneath is the motto.” DSP 1953

“We had no soccer matches this year. It is a pity that no prep schools in the South play soccer.”
“There were so many boxers in the School that Sergeant Hastings divided the competition into four divisions instead of the usual three.”

How times have changed: extracts from the CP Old Boys’ Review, 1950.