Our Code of Conduct emphasises personal responsibility and takes a formative approach to personal development. Our philosophy also incorporates a restorative justice approach. Based on our interdenominational Christian ethos, the key guiding principles for our children are – always to treat others as you would like them to treat you; and, be kind, polite and respectful towards others.

The Form Teacher has primary responsibility for the discipline and general welfare of the children in their class, in addition to their teaching responsibilities. It is the Form Teacher with whom parents make initial contact regarding any issues or concerns. The Form Teacher is supported in this role by the Deputy Head who coordinates all aspects of pastoral care. Whole school issues such as anti-bullying, safety in school and the community are highlighted regularly in Assemblies, House Meetings and in classroom discussions.

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House System

Every pupil in the Prep Department is enrolled in one of four Houses: Edwardes, Pringle, Toone or Ross. The House System gives children a strong link with other children across and between year groups. There is a House Teacher in charge of each House and all pupils in Form VI become House Leaders during their final year in the School. The House system allows for vertical integration and there is a mentoring system allowing the older pupils to help and support the junior pupils in their House.

House points are awarded to pupils for academic performance, effort, general good behaviour and service to the School. The House with the most number of points at the end of each term is rewarded with a party and all the members of the winning House for the year and senior leavers are invited to a special celebration, the Leavers’ Supper, at the end of the school year.

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Senior Schools

Pupils go on to leading independent and state Senior Schools and we support parents in making the most appropriate choice of senior school for their child. Pupils from Castle Park regularly go on to:

All boy schools – Blackrock College, CBC Monkstown, St Michael’s and Clongowes Wood College

All girl schools – Rathdown School and Holy Child Killiney

Co-ed schools – St Andrew’s College, St Gerard’s, St Columba’s College and Sandford Park