Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Our in-house catering team, led by chef Mark Ryan, freshly prepare all food on-site and the inclusion of an appropriately healthy meal at midday is an important part of what we offer our pupils. Our healthy eating policy encourages pupils to make sensible choices at mealtimes.

Pupils staying for after-school care also have a meal at 5:00 pm.

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This week's lunch menu

04th October, 2021


Charred Lemon and Thyme Breast of Chicken (4,10)
Moroccan Style Vegetable and Apricot Tagine, with Couscous (1a,11)
Oven-Baked Seasoned Potato Wedges
Buttered Sweetcorn (4)


Homebaked Orange Cupcake with a Stem Ginger Cheese Frosting (1a,4,5)


Sausage Rolls & Baked Beans

05th October, 2021


A Classic Slow Braised Beef Bourguignon Pie (1a,4,5,12)
Shallow Fried Oriental Vegetable Spring Roll, Sweet Chilli Dip (1a,5,8,11)
Creamed Potato (4)
Honey & ginger glazed roast carrots (4)


Luscious White Chocolate Blondies (1a,4,5)


Mexican Beef Burrito & Rice

06th October, 2021


Creamy Breast of Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake, Parmesan Crust (1a,4)
Roasted fennel and wood mushroom bouchée (1a,4,5)
Penne Aglio (1a)
Garden peas (4)


Homemade Toffee and Apple Muffin (1a)


Chicken Goujon & Potato Wedges

07th October, 2021


Beef and Egg Noodle Stir Fry Kung Po Style, with Asian Greens.  (1a,5,8,11)
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne (1a,5)
Steamed Fluffy Rice
Broccoli Florets


Chocolate glazed rich coconut Macaroons (1a,4,5)


Pasta Carbonara

08th October, 2021


Cheesy Mexican spiced Beef Quesadillas (1a,4)
Vegetable and Mixed Bean Taco (1a)
Braised Savoury Rice (4)
Sweetcorn (4)


Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate Rice Crispy Sandwich (1a,4)


Chef’s Friday Special


Nutritional Information

A fresh fruit platter is available every day at lunchtime. All beef served is of Irish origin and fully traceable.

Dishes listed above contain allergens as detailed.

1. cereals: a-wheat; b-oats

2. nuts

3. peanuts

4. milk

5. eggs

6. fish

7. shellfish / crustaceans

8. soy beans

9. molluscs

10. mustard

11. sesame seeds

12. sulpher dioxide

13. lupin

14. celery

We maintain a nut-free environment at all times. Parents should bring to the School’s attention any other allergies that their children may suffer from, so that relevant options can be considered by our catering department.

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